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City of Tampere offers access right to journey planner interface, when application or service supports public transport usage and transport information availability. There are two possible way to access timetable and route data:

  • HTTP GET interface, which gives a response in XML format
  • Kalkati.net formatted XML database dump file, which include the whole information in a single file.

Use of interfaces is free of charge. Distribution and re-use of API information is allowed. Due limited service capacity, queries of one account is limited to max. 5000 weighted query in one hour. Documentation is available only in English and city of Tampere takes no responsibility of possible errors or damages caused by documentation. If you find an error or have an idea how to improve documentation, please tell it us with the contact form.

Access to interface is asked with account request form or if you need more information, please use contact form. City of Tampere reserves a right to inspect applications and services before granting access rights to the interface. City of Tampere has justice to abolish access right whenever it is necessary, for example in case of excessive traffic to interface or misuse of the service.